2018/19 Quatro Glide Air

2018/19 Quatro Glide Air

PRECIO: 980,00€ 784,00€


The Glide Air is a wonderful all around inflatable Sup board that follows you wherever you carry it inside its compact backpack.

It’s simple and fun to paddle and to travel with. With all our knowledge put into this board, you can just lean back and focus on having fun. Or stand up, whichever you prefer. Once on the water it’s super stable and agile and comes in three sizes to suit your every need and preference.

Quatro Sup Air boards come with a mast base plug, ready to attach an optional windsurfing rig and feature a removable soft center fin.

Available in 240, 300, 340 liters.

Available in blue and green on white.

Comes in either 5” or 6” thickness.

The 6” model comes with blue rails and white print, whereas the 5” model is distinguishable by white rails with blue print.